Accomplished Tasks

  • Submitted MPTCP Migration Paper
  • Submitted MPTCP Summary Paper
  • Finished AI
  • Returned to Containers

A General Note

The last month and a half has been quite hectic. I had several deadlines and enough coursework to keep me busy. As such I was unable to keep up with my weekly posts. This entry will serve as a general overview of the significant tasks for this time period.


MPTCP Migration Paper

After getting reject from its first submission, we did some tailoring and reworked the paper so that we could submit again. It should hopefully be a little bit clearer and stronger. We reworked several of the graphs to be more clear and rephrased paragraphs to better get our point across. We also removed a section that felt quite random. Hopefully it does well this round.

MPTCP Summary paper

We recently submitted an MPTCP paper that will serve to be our concluding work on the topic. It was quite a quick turnaround on the paper but we were able to get it submitted on time despite having an impossible AI exam in the way. I’m quite happy with the writing and think it is quite strong but not everyone is so confident. Hopefully things go smoothly.

Finished AI

I finally finished my AI course. Its been a rough semester overall especially towards the end. I ended up having the worst grade in the class on one of the homeworks. It was quite discouraging, but I tried to not let it bother me. I studied quite a lot for the final but it was a rough exam! Unfortunately, I discovered MIt’s lecture notes on the topic too late. They seem to explain things in a much clearer way for the style that I learn. If I have to take the course again at least I will be more prepared!

Containers Again

Now that the MPTCP work is over, I’m thinking of switching back to containers for a bit. My internship seems to have some overlap with my previous containers work, so I plan to spend the next few weeks catching up on container work and preparing for that. I’m starting by working my way through some containers papers and using our remaining Azure credits to run a kubernetes cluster. I’m excited to get some experience with the platform.